"I guess I have a lot of problems, so many that I don't have time to go into them all in detail. Suffice it to say I'm anal, obsessive, vain, quick to temper, overly introspective, lazy, judgmental, insecure, and self-righteous. Probably the most annoying thing about me is that I'm hugely opinionated. But I kind of make up for that by always being right."

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day 47: Tai Chi Feely

Just got back from my first Tai Chi lesson, and just like everything else in life (with the exception of sex, at which I excelled right out of the gate) it's a lot harder than it looks. I've never been comfortable looking bad at something, and this discomfort just seems to keep increasing as I grow older. Also, my patience -- especially with myself -- seems to grow thinner with each passing year. In other words, I not only sucked today, I had a bad attitude about this suckage, to boot.

But unlike the old Rick I plan on sticking with it, until one day I too can look like one of those quaalude retards you see out in the park.

I did have one piece of good news today. I tried on a pair of size 38 jeans and they fit! Three weeks before beginning this project I couldn't even pull them all the way on, let alone snap them. In fact, I couldn't even snap my size 40s. In a way this goes to show how relative everything is. As I'm losing weight, I'm very happy that I fit into these size 38 pants. But when I was gaining weight, I remember being really depressed having to buy these very same pants in the first place because I couldn't fit into my 36s anymore.

Maybe one of the secrets to happiness is to keep reminding yourself that things not only could be worse, but actually have been worse.