"I guess I have a lot of problems, so many that I don't have time to go into them all in detail. Suffice it to say I'm anal, obsessive, vain, quick to temper, overly introspective, lazy, judgmental, insecure, and self-righteous. Probably the most annoying thing about me is that I'm hugely opinionated. But I kind of make up for that by always being right."

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 29: Report Card - Part Two

Continuing from yesterday - I would give myself an incomplete in dance because no classes in the area started this past month. I am taking a swing dance class starting this Thursday night, though. I expect to look like a complete idiot, but then why should this be different from anything else I've ever done in life?

In the getting-out-of-the-house, having-a-social-life, and watching-less-TV categories I'd give myself a D, a D-, and an F, respectively. I do get out a little more because of this project, but not for any other (more personal) reasons. I've recontacted a couple of old friends, but the facts remain that most of my friends are scattered around the country, and that I haven't made what I would call a good friend in the past 20 some years. Also, my recent close encounter of the vaginal kind proved that I am far from ready to meet my next alimony recipient. And as far as cutting down on TV, that's a complete non-starter. I only wish Direct TV offered a feature in which the signal could be fed directly into my veins. Ahhh, sweet surrender.

I had planned to do a lot of studying about my old friends depression, anxiety, anger and shame and in this area I'd give myself a C-. I've ordered a bunch of books from Amazon and am currently reading "The Happiness Hypothesis," which, unfortunately, is a little hard for me to follow. But then, if I cut out all reading materials that were over my head, I'd be left with only "Archie" and "Sad Sack" comics.

In the catch-all category "personal habits" I'd give myself a C. I'm showering more regularly, but not nearly as much as I probably should (could this have something to do with my lack of a social life?). I finally filed my taxes (only three months late this year!) and paid off the huge pile of bills that had stacked up on my desk. I'm also proud of myself for publishing a blog post everyday. But I have a "to do" list that's so intimidating I keep it out in the storage shed for fear of accidentally stumbling across it.

Well, that's it. Not great, but it's just the first month. And as far as "happiness" goes, I guess I'd give myself a C-, a remarkable improvement from the F I started out with just one month ago. I wouldn't exactly say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but at least -- for the first time in many years -- I can see the tunnel.