"I guess I have a lot of problems, so many that I don't have time to go into them all in detail. Suffice it to say I'm anal, obsessive, vain, quick to temper, overly introspective, lazy, judgmental, insecure, and self-righteous. Probably the most annoying thing about me is that I'm hugely opinionated. But I kind of make up for that by always being right."

Monday, October 24, 2005

If Men Are Dogs, What Does that Make Women?

I just got through watching a movie in which an older man had an affair with a younger woman. Toward the end of the film, the man's wife helped him come to the realization that the affair was a pathetic attempt to recapture his lost youth.


Men have affairs with younger women for the same reason dogs lick their balls. Because they can. If I could lick my balls, do you think I'd take the time out to write this stupid article? Hell, I'd hardly have time to eat.

Firm breasts, smooth skin, silky hair, taut butts. These are the things men find sexy in women. Are they drawn to smart women, women with talent and senses of humor? Of course they are. But those aren't the things men fantasize about. Whether that's because of the media's fixation on youth, or because of our basic nature, or both, for better or worse, that's the case.

Women also find men's bodies sexy, especially young, toned bodies. But they're also attracted to men's strength, their self assurance, their power. These are qualities that don't necessarily fade with age. So, as women remain sexually attracted to their men longer, they look at all of the older men screwing younger women, and they say that men are dogs.

I look at all of the younger women screwing older men, and I say that people are people.